Safe & Easy Export Transactions by American Export Assistance

Export Transactions Are Hard – We Make Them Easy!

Export transactions can be complicated for both would-be exporters and would-be importers, to the degree that many of them end up not happening. 
Successful export transactions require information and knowledge combined to produce accurate quotes including shipping, payment, and financing, and a level of trust between buyer and seller sufficient for both parties to decide that the transaction is worth it. Mistakes can be expensive.
Especially for smaller businesses and those with low (or no) international volume the process can be very expensive, and for every new transaction partner everything starts from scratch. 
American Export Platform is a service of American Export Assistance that allows exporters and importers to transact through a known third-party that specializes in export transactions.
Every transaction is rated and reviewed by both parties so that platform users get to build an online track record of successful export transactions.

All you need to do is start a transaction on the platform and invite the other party to it.

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