Export Platform For Sellers

Successful export transactions require you as the seller to combine information and knowledge to produce accurate quotes including shipping, payment, and financing.
Especially for smaller businesses and those with low (or no) international volume this process can be very expensive, and for every new transaction partner everything starts from scratch. 
Even once terms are agreed upon there still remains to establish a level of trust with the buyer sufficient to decide that the transaction is worth whatever risk it is perceived as including.  
American Export Platform allows would-be exporters to transact through a known third-party that specializes in export transactions.
Every transaction is rated and reviewed by both parties so that platform users get to build an online track record of successful export transactions.

All you need to do is start a transaction on the platform and invite the other party to it!

Let Us Worry About These Things For You!


Is this stranger with a strange name from a strange place really interested in buying your products, or is it an attempt to scam you somehow? How are you protected?


How much do you actually have to quote under which terms to be able to deliver your product and receive your payment at an acceptable level of risk?


Is it going to cost you more in time and resources to properly process the order than your potential profit, and can you even export your product to this market?


What is the best way to get your products from your facility into the hands of your international customer without it being damaged or “disappeared” on the way?


Is there even in a best case scenario any reason to believe you can be competitive delivering your product in this market, or are you shipping sand to the Sahara?


How do you make sure that you get paid what you expect to get paid in a timely fashion taking into account exchange rate fluctuations, taxes, and fees?

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